Winkeljohn Blasts ‘Cancer’ Donald Cerrone in Instagram Video

The ‘beef’ between UFC welterweight and fan favorite Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone and Mike Winkeljohn of JacksonWink MMA has been no secret the last few months. During a tell-all appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, Cerrone aired out the details of the circumstances that led to him being booked versus Mike ‘Platinum’ Perry at UFC Denver.


Cerrone, who has spent the bulk

of his career with the JacksonWink gym, wanted the gym to not allow Perry (who had very recently begun training there) to train there for the fight between them. Mike Winkeljohn however, insisted that Cerrone leave the gym, which led to the tumultuous feud between the two that culminated with Cerrone breaking Perry’s arm in the first round of their bout Saturday night.

Though Cowboy was in the winner’s circle Saturday night in Denver, it would appear as though the verbal battle is far from over between him and Mike Winkeljohn, who posted a video to Instagram following the Perry fight going so far as to call Cerrone a ‘cancer’.


What’s this about loyalty, Loyalty is two-sided. Especially for the media, who only see one side. Where was Cowboy Cerrone the last ten years, helping others in the gym? Nowhere to be found. He didn’t come to our classes, he didn’t even use Greg Jackson his last two fight camps. When he came, he would grab sparring partners, then he would take those sparring partners back up to his ranch, where he would pay for fun free sh*t. So those guys would go up there, sometimes they would stay and train, and they would lose. Hmmm. Any gym owner would tell you, cancer has to be removed. It’s removed. The gym has no drama. It’s a happy place, I’m a happy guy. That being said, I really wish that Mike Perry had not taken Cowboy down. Anyway, if you have fighter experience and you want to come train with the best fighters in the world, and help each other – Jon Jones, Holly Holm, Michelle Waterson, Devin Clark, Bevon Lewis, Carlos Condit, CR, John Dodson, and so many others – you’re more than welcome. If you’re one of those guys who swings on Donald Cerrone’s you-know-what, that’s weak and weird.

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