[VIDEO] The Most Bizarre Ending To an MMA Fight You’ll Ever See

Kokomo, Indiana-

Standing 5 foot 9 inches tall, the 265 pound heavyweight Jonathan Ivey is one of the most entertaining men in combat sports. Although he’s never graced the UFC octagon, his sometimes bizarre fight antics and head-to-toe artwork make him stand out right away. With a record of 32 wins against 57 losses, you’d be hard pressed to find an active heavyweight with as much experience as Jonathan Ivey- that is with the exception of one man.

Travis ‘The Iron Man’ Fulton

With a world record 320 professional MMA fights, including Matt Lindland, Jeremy Horn, Andre Arlovski ,Rich Franklin, Dan Severn and several more, 256-54-10 is not too shabby a record. Much like Ivey, Travis Fulton is well-known among hardcore MMA fans, which made the match up between these two incredibly exciting. With a combined weight of 530 pounds and 417 MMA fights, I still don’t think anyone could have predicted the way this fight was gonna end.

From the very first bell it was obvious there was a mutual respect between the two veteran heavyweights. Both were very careful to not get lulled into a brawl, but after a left kick to the body by Fulton, Ivey pulled some of his classic antics.


Ivey hunched over and grabbed the right side of his chest, (meaning he did NOT in fact fake a heart attack as some publications have mentioned) He then bolted toward Fulton, dropping him to the canvas with a barrage of punches, following up with some ground and pound. But then things got even weirder. Ivey suddenly halted his attack, let Fulton up and tapped the mat signaling a submission.

According to Ivey, he idolizes Fulton (which I’m inclined to believe considering he has a portrait of Fulton tattooed on his leg) and didn’t have the heart to continue to pound on his idol. You can catch the video below and draw your own conclusion.




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