Report: Fedor Shadowed By FBI Ahead of Bellator 198

There was a lot of speculation as to how things were going to go down for the ‘Last Emperor’ at Bellator 198, but its safe to say that a run in with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) probably was not something anyone could have predicted. 600w, 1113w" sizes="(max-width: 628px) 100vw, 628px" /> CREDIT:Lucas Noonan/Bellator

According to well-known British publication “The Telegraph”, Federal agents showed up at Fedor Emelianenko’s hotel room on Wednesday, April 25, and knocked on his room.

Although there is no evidence anywhere that suggests any type of wrong doing on Fedor’s part, it is certainly unusual that agents wanted to speak with him and the entire ordeal has MMA fans scratching their heads.

It is worth noting that Emelianenko has had “working relationships” in the past with both Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump. The Telegraph article states that Fedor “Has friends, who are fans, in very high places,” in reference to Trump and Putin.

CREDIT: Fightland/Vice

Fedor’s working relationship with President Putin brought about the legalization of mixed martial arts competition in Russia in 2012, as well as the formation of the Russian MMA union, which Fedor himself was made president of. After making strides for MMA in Russia, Fedor also became a political pawn in Putin’s re-election campaign, endorsing Putin, who later won a third term with 63.6% of the vote. Gaining the endorsement of popular athletes such as Fedor was an integral part of Putin’s re-election campaign.

As far as the U.S. president, Fedor’s relationship with Donald Trump was limited to him headlining two ‘Affliction’ fight cards before the promotion went under. Trump invested in the promotion in 2008 and heavily promoted Emelianenko as the promotions star athlete, who is “capable of inflicting death on people”.

Given the circumstances, it could be speculated that the FBI is perhaps questioning Fedor regarding his relationship to the leaders of both countries to determine whether or not there is an association between President Trump and the Russian Federation. Another theory takes politics completely out of the equation, stating that Emelianenko simply got his passport wet, and the embossed page was hard to read. Bellator officials have yet to respond to this story.

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