Gutemberg Pereira Vs Tim Spriggs To Headline F2WP 70 In Baltimore

Since receiving his black belt 9 months ago, GF Team Super Heavyweight Gutemberg de Jesus Santos Pereira has wasted NO time showing the world that he can compete among the worlds elite jiu jitsu players. The 23 year old Brazilian made it all the way to the finals of the Black belt open weight division at this years Pans, taking silver to established veteran Leandro Lo, who won double gold.

With several Pans and Worlds medals to his name, Pereira will take on another established powerhouse when he takes on Tim Spriggs for the ‘Black Belt Heavyweight Title’ at Fight To Win Pro 70 in TLI’s backyard in Baltimore, Maryland.

Spriggs, a product of Team Lloyd Irvin, most recently put on a show at Pans, where he placed third in the super heavy division. Spriggs showcased his “trainwreck system” while steamrolling his way to the podium.


With Spriggs ultra-exciting ‘trainwreck’ competition style and Pereira’s signature GF Team pressure and pace, this match up is sure to be a barn burner of a grappling match.

In addition to this spectacular heavyweight championship match, F2W Pro 70 will include several other black belt fights as well as some exciting match ups at different ranks:

Main Event

Black Belt Heav Weight Title

Tim Spriggs (TLI) vs Gutemberg Pereira (GFT)

Co Main Event

160lbs Black Belt Gi

Jamil Hill (TLI) vs Bruno Cesar (GFT)

Super Heavy Weight Black Belt Gi

Otavio Nalati (TLI) vs Rafael Maia (Action Reaction)

Super Heavy Weight Black Belt Gi

Jeffrey Manalansan (Pedro Sauer/Premier martial Arts) vs Lamonte Tyler (Royce Gracie)

240lbs Black Belt GI

Wilfredo Merino Jr (ML COmbatives AcademY) vs Ricardo Ribeiro (Alliance TLI)

225lbs Black Belt GI

Kym Sturdivant (A-Force BJJ) vs Kenneth Brown (2nd Gear BJJ)

210lbs NOGI

Charles Gamble (GFT) vs Rogelio Soto (Ground Control)

185lbs Black Belt Gi

Tye Ryan Murphy (TLI) vs Colin Stewart (Team Robson Moura)

175ls Black Belt Gi

Ataide Rafael (GFT) vs Ed Sheridan (Robson Moura)

165lbs Black Belt NOGi

Julian Gabbard (Evlove BJJ) vs Kail Bosque (BJJ Conquest)

155lbs Black Belt GI

Matt Schellenschlager (BJJ Conquest) vs Joseph Overstreet (Alliance)

145lbs Black Belt Gi

Vicente Junior (BJJ Conquest) vs Josh Aguero (Pedro Sauer Ambar Barbosa)

140lbs Black Belt Gi

Brian Clouser (BJJ Conquest) vs Aaron Morris (Robson Moura)

135lbs NOGI

Chris Tran (TLI) vs Daniel Keane (Baltimore BJJ)

220lbs Brown Belt Gi

Devhonte Johnson (Unity Jiu Jitsu) vs David Adams (Ground Control)

190lbs Brown Belt Gi

Jon Delbrugge (TLI) vs Chad Malone (Capital MMA)

170lbs Brown Belt Gi

Angelo Claiborne (TLI) vs Gary Gioni (Pedro Sauer/Abmar Barbosa)

160lbs Brown Belt Gi

Joshua Pike (Team Passos Jiu jitsu) vs Patrick Mahoney (Alliance)

140lbs Brown Belt Gi

Malachi Edmond (TLI) vs Ellis Karadag (Method MMA)

275lbs Purple Belt Gi

David Ortiz (Pedro Sauer/ Premier Martial Arts) vs Styvens Belloge (Abmar Barbosa)

185lbs Purple Belt GI

Gerardo Trevino (Alliance BJJ) vs Joe Gilpin (Yamasaki Academy)

180lbs Purple Belt Gi

Steven Lawless (Yamasaki Academy) vs Stefan Wilkinson (Double Phoenix Jiu Jitsu)

170lbs Purple Belt Gi

Christian Merino (ML Combatives Academy) vs Byung Ju Lee (TLI)

170lbs Puprle Belt Gi

Dakota Wader (BJJ Conquest) vs Edwin Albino Jr (Zero BJJ)

165lbs Purple Belt GI

Joseph McMahon (Royce Gracie) vs Ryan Mason (Ground Control)

165lbs Purple Belt Gi

Alex Coleman (Standard BJJ) vs Michelle Temel (Baltimore BJJ)

150lbs Purple Belt GI

Tadiyah Danforth (Foundry BJJ) vs Cory Walker (TLI)

150lbs Purple Belt Gi

Kyle Hoffman (2nd Gear BJJ) vs Alexis Karadimas (GFT)

140lbs Purple Belt Gi
Cary Caprio (Code 3) vs Yofathe Yirdaw (Capital MMA)

140lbs Purple Belt GI

Rico Stanton (TLI) vs Michael Mehl (BJJ Conquest)

125lbs Purple Belt NOGI

Jonna Wood (American Marital Arts) vs vs Roya Darvishian (TLI)

145lbs Teen NOGI

Faith O’Donnell (TLI) vs Avery Harter (Easton BJJ)

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