5 Of The Worst Tattoos In The History of MMA

If you have been a fan of mixed martial arts or any combat sport for longer than the last five minutes, you know that cage fighters and tattoos go together like peanut butter and peas [don’t judge]. From Roger Huertas full body tribal to Conor McGregor’s off-center generic Ed Hardy chest piece, the artwork becomes very much a part of a fighters brand and identity. But every now and again you see some ink on a fighter that makes you wonder of CTE has set in. Check out some of these head scratching tattoos:

5. Kimo’s ‘Esus’ piece




If you watched UFC in no time limit, no gloves, no weight class, zero fux given, steroids were allowed,  days, you’ll remember Kimo as the dude who’s ethnicity you couldn’t quite figure out who carried a gigantic cross to the cage. Perhaps a little more thought should have went into his Hawaii torso piece though, because his upper abdominal area now pays tribute to “Esus”.


4. Fedor’s Brothers Grim Reaper Nanny Back Piece

It takes zero back story or explanation to come to the conclusion that just about all Russians are Scary motherf*****s, and Alexander Emelianenko is no exception. Brother to “The Last Emperor” heavyweight all time great Fedor Emelianenko, Aleksander has a full back piece that appears to be an infant being swaddled by the grim reaper. Lets not go down this rabbit hole and just assume that Aleksander is crazy.

p.s. Aleksander just recently won his first fight in 3 years following a stint in Russian prison for sexual assault.




3. Cain Velasquez’s ‘Brown Pride’ tat


Being a Mexican man in America who was raised around Latino culture and covered in tattoos myself, I can appreciate what Cain is trying to do here. But between his rather pasty complexion provides a sharp and rather awkward contrast to this dark black old English phrase that really only gets said by Texas soundcloud rappers and homie dolls.

2. Brock Lesnars phallic Knife Chest piece


Brock Lesnar’s career in the UFC has seen the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Brock has been as high as the UFC undisputed champion and as low as getting popped for post cycle therapy asthma medicine containing USADA banned substances after winning a lackluster decision over Mark Hunt. There are sharp lines drawn in the sand between fans who followed him from the WWE and still think he’s the GOAT, and fans who think he is and always has been an overrated hype train who only made it to the UFC for his PPV numbers. But one thing we can all agree sucks, is this ridiculous chest piece.





1. Melvin Costas Neo-Nazi Badge / ‘I Have a small penis’ combo

Melvin Costa is one strange cookie. Fighting out of California, Melvin was once 4-0 all by way of knockout, and compiled a record of 7-1 before heading into a downward spiral of decision losses. Now posting a 8-7 record and riding a four-fight skid, Costa has a gigantic Nazi badge blasted on his chest, as well as the words “I have a small penis” written across his upper pelvic area. When interviewed, Costa stated that he got both tattoos in prison.

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