Conor McGregor Being Sued By Security Guard

Irish MMA superstar and UFC lightweight champion ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor certainly lives up to his ring name. McGregor is certainly ‘Notorious’ for his over the top personality both inside the cage and out. From getting in opponents faces at media events, talking to them during the actual fight, trashing hotel rooms and throwing water bottles at press conferences, Conor’s personality is as much a commodity as his fighting ability. As much as the fans eat up Conors shenanigans, those shenanigans may be coming back to bite the champ in his rear end.


Fresh off his TKO loss to boxing great Floyd Mayweather Jr, McGregor is being sued by a security guard named William Pegg, who claims he was hit in the back of the head with an energy drink can by McGregor during a press conference debacle with Nate Diaz in 2016. Videos of the press conference made their way around the internet resulting in hundreds of thousands of views, which included McGregor and Diaz hurling water bottles at one another. The energy drink can that hit Pegg, according to the lawsuit, caused $5,000 in medical damages as a result. But the lawsuit is coming after much more than 5 grand, aiming for a modest $95,000.


McGregor and his team have denied any responsibility for this incident and Conor is yet to go on public record about this whole ordeal. Now that McGregor is making major money with each fight, including his 127 Million dollar payday for the bout with Mayweather, it’s not hard to understand that he may be a target for people looking for a quick payday with lawsuits. As ‘Notorious’ as he is for his antics, perhaps its time Conor starts watching his P’s and Q’s when it comes to what he does in public.


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