UFC Unveils New 30 Thousand Sqare Foot Performance Institute


Despite harsh criticisms over ho much money is going directly into the fighters paychecks, there’s no doubt the UFC is dumping some serious moo-lah into the athletes on their roster. During an exclusive showing with MMAfighting, Forrest Griffin recently took media through a tour of the brand new UFC Performance Institute. The 30 thousand square foot facility, which is open to all athletes on the UFC roster, gives access to recovery methods like hydrotherapy, cryoptherapy, and laser light therapy. Also on staff are nutritionists, physical therapists, and strength and conditioning coaches, to compliment the Performance institute’s fitness center. In the face of harsh accusations on fighter pay, the dismay of the Reebok deal and the hostage situation in the 155 pound title picture, the UFC definitely took a step in the right direction with the public eye with the unveiling of this new institute.

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