Mike Perry Details Scuffle With Jeremy Stephens at Athlete Retreat

During the first UFC ‘athelete retreat’ in Las Vegas recently, a number of events have made headline news. From the unveiling the the “Official UFC hospital” to the athlete center complete with cryo chambers and physical therapists. But the most talked about event seems to be one that wasn’t on the schedule, the altercation between Cristiane ‘Cyborg’ Justino and Angela Magana [VIDEO].
But Magana and Cyborg arent the only two who came to blows during the event, during an interview with BJPENN.COM, UFC welterweight Mike Perry described an altercation between him and featherweight Jeremy Stephens during a Snoop Dogg performance:

I pushed Jeremy Stephens to the ground. We were at the Snoop Dogg concert. Cris ‘Cyborg’ had punched that one girl in the face on the second day. On the first night, they got between a couple of fighters, but they didn’t even touch each other. But then Jeremy Stephens tried to dance up on my girl, and he knew it was my girl. It was at the end of the night. Snoop had already come out, and I had been killing it, dancing with my girl all night. Jeremy Stephens walks up on her, and mid hip-thrust, as he was about to maybe make contact with her body, I pushed that motherf—ker hard as I could, double-hand to his chest, and he fell on the ground. He was mad as hell but he didn’t do s—t. He was trying to be a dick, but he’s 145 pounds, he doesn’t want these problems. Who the fuck is that guy, bro?

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