DC Warns UFC Fighters: “These Guy Will Get ‘Slept’ By Any Top Boxer”

Ever since rumors started swirling of a potential Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather super fight in the ring, it seems like every single MMA fighter on earth has been jumping the bandwagon to compete against top boxers and collect a paycheck.

UFC President Dana White and Floyd Mayweather himself seem to be feeding the rumors, announcing every week that each side is ‘closer’ to sealing the deal.

No. 3 ranked UFC light heavyweight Jimi Manuwa has called for a fight with British boxer David Haye, and heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic has called for a crossover fight with newly crowned champ and ever increasingly popular Anthony Joshua. One person not jumping on the boxing train however, is UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormieer. Not only is ‘DC’ not interested in taking on any top boxers in the ring or cage, but he warns that it is a bad idea for all fightrs involved as well. During an appearance on UFC tonight, DC cleared the air on all the boxing vs MMA talk:

Look, James Toney fought in the UFC and got beat. We had no problem showing that footage over and over again of James Toney getting beat by Randy Couture. These boxing promoters will constantly show video of the heavyweight champion of the world Stipe Miocic getting slept by Anthony Joshua or Jimi Manuwa. Come on, Jimi, getting slept by David Haye. These dudes will get slept, and it’s going to be embarrassing. [McGregor] can actually go and fight Mayweather and I’ve said it time and time again on this show, he will lose. The rest of these guys, they will get no money and they will also get slept. So no, it is not good for the UFC. Conor, hats off to you, make your money but don’t get slept, which might happen to him.

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