Cerrone: “If Jones Does Drugs and Still Kicks Ass, Go Ahead”

In one of the most anticipated rematches in the history of the UFC, former light heavyweight champion and promotional problem-child Jon ‘Bones’ Jones will take on Daniel Cormier in an attempt to regain the light heavyweight crown he never truly lost. Jones defeated Cormier in their first fight and retained the title, but a slew of problems outside of the octagon saw Jones stripped of his belt and suspended while the divisional landscape changed. While Jones trains for the rematch and awaits the end of his suspension, Cormier’s comments about Jones’ drug use get more and more press. Which begs the question, how is Jon Jones doing as a human? Is he 100% focused on training, is he still partying and doing drugs? or both?
During an interview with TMZ sports, Jones’ team mate and UFC welterweight Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone weighed in on Jones current situation:

I don’t know. He looks good. Yeah he’s training hard, he’s in the gym. F—k, I dunno. If Jon wants to do drugs and still kick ass, you go ahead baby. Do your thing.

Cerrone [agreeing with many] says that Cormier’s constant mention of Jones personal problems is just a way to stir the pot and get into Jons head:

He’s just trying to get Jon fired up. But a pissed off Jon is bad, man.

Cerrone, a former lightweight title contender who rattled off eight consecutive wins in the UFC’s lightweight division before losing a title fight with Rafael Dos Anjos in 2015, has found much success since his move up to 170 pounds, and will take on former welterweight champion Robbie Lawler at UFC 213, three weeks prior to the Cormier/Jones rematch. Lawler vs Cerrone is sure to be a fan-pleaser, Cerrone agrees that everyone should be tuning in to this barn burner of a match up:

It’s gonna be the fights of fights, man. We don’t even need to try to sell it, this is the fight. If you’re not a UFC fan, you will be after this one. If you are a UFC fan…f—k, this is the one you’ve been waiting on. One of us is knocking the other’s head off, for damn sure.

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