Local BJJ Black Belt Arrested For Pit Bull Fighting Ring

ERIE, PA-According to Erie News Now,  Five pit bull dogs were seized today and are being called survivors of a dog fighting ring. According to chief investigating officer Lisa Stiles, the findings of Tuesday’s raid on in the 1000 block of W. 28th street were appalling:

Living conditions were not good, A couple of dogs were housed in really small crates in the basement,  [and] fecal matter [was] all over the floors along with urine. Medication, syringes, a treadmill inside, So a lot of things you see in the dog fighting world were found inside this home.

Nicole Bawol of the Humane Society backed these claims of inhumane treatment and living conditions of the dogs:

There was a chain in the backyard with some fresh blood on it, There was a bucket that had some dried up blood around it.

Upon raiding the residence, investigators claim to have found multiple rooms where dog fighting seems to have taken place, with freshly painted walls in an attempt to cover up blood.

The owner of the dogs and residence, Former MMA fighter and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under SAS team Dan Swift was taken into custody and is being charged with multiple counts of felony dog fighting and 14 counts of animal cruelty, among other charges.

Swift has been well-known on social media for a long time and has a reputation for being a bit of a brash loud mouth who’s been in “over 100 street fights” [his own words]. But Swift’s real claim to fame was a YouTube video of his criticizing former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman. The video went viral and he wound up on multiple podcasts and publications. But don’t be surprised if his latest debacle has quite the opposite effect in the social media and BJJ community.




source: Erie News Now



EDIT : Black belt Jon Stutzman and other high ranking members of SAS team reached out to garciamma.com immediately once news broke of the dog fighting situation and stated both publicly and privately that they do NOT condone Dan Swift’s actions in any way shape or form and that is he immediately and permanently kicked off of SAS team.

An owner of gentle and loving pit bull breed dogs himself, Jon Stutzman was very disappointed to see a (now former) team mate commit such a heinous act:

I’m disappointed. I’m obviously not going to support anyone who does something like this. I don’t want to be associated with anyone who thinks it’s ok to do this. My message is perfectly clear .. If you involve yourself with criminal activity you have no place at my table.


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