Fighter Friendly Fuel Food: Muffin pan Frittatas

When you are in the middle of training for a fight, you are more than likely cutting weight. And cutting weight comes with a big downside, not knowing what the heck to eat. This is one of my all time favorite fuel foods for a fight camp. ‘Muffin pan frittatas’ or ‘Egg Muffins’ as i like to call them.


-11 to 12 whole eggs or a box of egg whites

-One cup of precooked turkey sausage links, cut into one inch pieces

-one cup of fat free or low fat cheese cubes

-one half cup of veggies and/or crimini mushrooms

Layer the above ingredients in a greased muffin tin and Bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes. 
Finished product and Nutrition facts on page 2…

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